What to do if your pipes start leaking during coronavirus lockdown

Fixing leaking pipes can be challenging as plumbers down tools due to the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown
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With the United Kingdom in the midst of a Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown, it’s not the time that you want your pipes to start leaking or your plumbing systems to go wrong.

Technically, plumbers and other tradespeople are still allowed to work. The rule remains that you can still go out to work if you unable to work from home.

Plumbers could also come under the umbrella of key workers. If pipework in the home of an elderly or vulnerable person suddenly stops working, then it is paramount that the problem is fixed as soon as possible.

Plumbers therefore provide an essential service – especially with people confined to their homes and the added importance that places on all systems being in good working order.

Many plumbers have downed tools because of the pandemic however – and who can blame them. By continuing to work, they could facilitate the spread of the virus at the same time as putting themselves and their families at risk of contracting it. In these difficult times, health is paramount.

This does however leave the nation with a problem when it comes to plumbing. Namely, how can a business or household fix leaking pipes during Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown without the help of a professional?

The answer is with some simple steps and ultimately, a pipe repair kit.

Turn off the water supply

To prevent the leaking pipe causing water damage to your property, you should turn the water supply off.

This can be done either by locating the valve on the pipe which is closest to the leak or at the property’s stopcock, which is usually found located under the kitchen sink.

If the stopcock has become rusted or stiff with the passage of time, then it may be difficult to turn off the water supply by hand. A flat headed screwdriver can usually help.

Sometimes, it won’t be possible to turn off the water supply. If this is the case then don’t worry – you can still repair the leaking pipe using a Universal Pipe Repair Kit, which we’ll come to shorty.

Drain the pipe

If you’ve managed to turn water pressure off, then the next step you should take is to drain the pipe of any remaining water left in it. This ensures that you won’t be hit by an unexpected water surge when you are carrying out the repair.

Turn on the taps which are sourced by the pipe and leave them open. When water stops running from them, you know that the pipe has been fully drained.

Purchase a pipe repair kit

A pipe repair kit allows the user to carry out a permanent pipe repair in less than 30 minutes with no formal training required.

Sylmasta manufacture two types of SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits from their base in the south of England and they continue to ship orders throughout lockdown.

If you order before 2pm Monday-Friday, then you’ll receive your SylWrap Pipe Repair Kit the next day, subject to courier performance. This allows for the repair of a leaking pipe inside of 24 hours – despite the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown.

Fix your leaking pipe

As we’ve already mentioned, there are two types of SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits. The Standard Kit contains epoxy putty and a pipe repair bandage and is used for fixing pipes where water flow has been turned off.

The Universal Kit is for repairs where pressure cannot be turned off. In addition to the epoxy putty and bandages, it also contains pipe burst tape which fuses into a solid rubber band when wrapped over the leak area.

All repairs carried out using SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits are permanent and can be carried out in less than 30 minutes. The kits come with full instructions, require no formal training and are effective on pipes of all materials.

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