Corrosion Protection Wrap

Corrosion protection wrap is used to protect pipes and other metalwork from corrosion and strengthening other structures
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They say prevention is better than a cure, and that is certainly the thinking behind corrosion protection wrap, a product designed to prevent corrosion from hampering pipework and other structures.

Corrosion costs the global economy an estimated $2.5 trillion every year. As a naturally occurring reaction between metals and the environment that they are in, the only steps that can be taken to try and reduce that cost is by preventing corrosion from happening in the first place.

To manufacture corrosion protection wraps, companies take traditional pipe repair bandages and infuse them with highly-effective corrosion inhibitors. When wrapped around structures and pipework in harsh, aggressive environments, these bandages will help to slow the process of corrosion.

Corrosion protection wrap is mostly found in industrial settings. It is used to strengthen metal piles, steel structures, concrete pillars and pier supports. Because it prevents both salt water and environmental corrosion, it is an extremely popular product with those working in marine and underwater settings.

As well as environmental corrosion, corrosion protection wraps can be used to protect pipes and metal parts against abrasive wear in machinery and other industrial installations.

Although less commonly found in domestic installations, corrosion protection wrap could be used to protect exterior metal pipework, such as those supplying water tanks or outdoor taps.

Most corrosion wraps cure black, preventing them from standing out in the same way that traditional, white pipe repair bandages do.

Just as with standard pipe repair wrap, corrosion protection wrap is simple to use. Once activated with water, you apply the wrap over the pipe or structure that you wish to strenghthen or protect from corrosion.

To ensure maximum strength of the wrap, it is normally recommended that five layers are applied. This can however vary depending on the application; products will come with instructions which guide the wrapping process for maximum effectiveness.

Once cured, corrosion protection wraps will set rock-hard for a permanent, impact-resistant protective layer. They are effective in high-temperature situations up to 300ÂșC and resist pressure up to 50bar, making them suitable for even the most challenging environments.

In one test, metalwork wrapped in corrosion protection wrap was subjected to 1,000 hours of saltwater exposure. The metalwork returned corrosion free when the protection bandage was removed.

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