Strengthening a pipe with a composite repair wrap

Composite repair wrap can be used for strengthening a pipe or carrying out leak repairs
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Replacing pipelines can be an expensive and time consuming business – which is why using a composite repair wrap for strengthening, refurbishing, and protecting an existing pipe is an attractive alternative.

Here is our handy guide to strengthening a pipe using composite repair wrap.

What is a composite repair wrap and how does it work?

A composite repair wrap is a permanent pipeline solution which is easy to use. It is in effect a bandage made from fibreglass and infused in resin.

Applying the technology is as simple as activating the resin with water and wrapping the bandage around the pipe which requires strengthening.

As the composite repair wrap is wound tightly around and smoothed over the pipe requiring repair, the resin will cure to set rock-hard, providing an impact-resistant layer over the pipe.

Wraps do not require any training to use, which removes the need for a plumber or other expert to apply them. They are cost-effective to purchase and cost-effective to install.

What does a composite repair wrap do?

Composite repair wraps have several functions. Primarily, they are used for strengthening existing pipelines.

A structure covered with a pipe repair bandage will have increased hoop strength, pressure resistance, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The wrap protects the pipe from external threats. This helps extend a pipe’s lifespan. When dents, pitting, gouges or corrosion start to appear through wear and tear or due to environmental reasons, a composite repair bandage can be applied to protect the pipe from degrading further, negating the need to carry out a costly replacement.

Composite repair wraps can also be used in conjunction with other products to fix burst and leaking pipes. When a cracked pipe is repaired using epoxy putty or a waterproof repair tape, applying a bandage over the top of this initial repair will offer an additional layer of protection, turning the repair permanent.

What types of pipeline can a composite repair wrap be used to strengthen?

Wraps are effective on all types of pipe materials and sizes. They are used by water companies on underground networks and water mains, gas companies, in petrochemical plants to strengthen pipelines carrying harsh and aggressive chemicals and in marine environments to protect against corrosion.

As composite repair technology advances, so a greater ranger of specialist repair wraps are starting to appear. Bandages infused with corrosion inhibitors and wraps specifically designed to protect from acid are among those on the market.

The latest trend is towards fire resistant wraps for use on pipes subjected to extreme temperatures. Pipe repair bandages of this nature can be used on steam pipes and in large industrial boiler systems.

Can composite repair wraps strengthen other structures?

Composite repair wraps are not just used for pipe repair. They can be used to strengthen and protect metal structures, piles, even parts of buildings. Anything that you can wrap can be protected and strengthened using the technology.

It is this versatility as well as their effectiveness which makes composite repair wraps such a popular product.

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