Milliput Epoxy Putty: Can Milliput be used to repair a leaking pipe?

Milliput epoxy putty is an epoxy with all kinds of uses including in pipe repair applications
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Milliput are one of the world’s leading producers of epoxy putty with a brand that is recognised worldwide. They bill their products as “the epoxy putty with a thousand uses” and their customers range from model makers to woodturners to industrial users.

And what about fixing pipes? Can Milliput epoxy putty be used to repair a leaking pipe? Regular readers of should know the answer to that one as we can often be found extolling the virtues of epoxy putty when it comes to sorting leaks and bursts.

So, yes, Milliput can be used to fix a leaking pipe. There are several caveats though, including its work time and the fact that it is not as effective at repairing pipes as putties specifically formulated to bond with certain materials.

Here is your guide to leaking pipe repair using Milliput Epoxy Putty.

What is Milliput Epoxy Putty?

Milliput is a two-part, cold setting epoxy putty sold in 113.4 gram cartoons. The two components are supplied as separate 56.7 gram sticks. To use Milliput, you mix equal quantities from each stick until the putty turns a uniform colour, indicating successful mixing.

There are six grades of Milliput in different colours for different applications. Milliput Standard cures to a dark-yellow whilst Superfine White, Silver Grey, Black, Terracotta and Turquoise Blue all do exactly what they say on the tin.

These colours are particularly useful when it comes to art, crafts and restoration. Superfine White for example is perfect for repairing broken ceramic and porcelain.

Terracotta can be used on pots, ornaments and garden urns. Turquise Blue was released in 2019 to cater for woodturning, marbling and jewellery making.

Milliput’s range of colours can be useful in pipe repair, too. Drainpipe and gutter repair can be done by using Milliput Black as a seamless filler. Superfine White will match PVC Plastic and Terracotta can be used on clay or even copper pipes.

How to use Milliput to repair a leaking pipe

Milliput works like any other epoxy putty when it comes to fixing a leaking pipe. Once you mix the two parts together, you push it whilst soft into the hole or crack in the pipework requiring repair. The putty will then harden, sealing the leak.

On its own, Milliput will only provide a temporary solution. For a permanent repair, the putty should be overwrapped with a composite repair bandage like SylWrap HD.

The water-activated resin in SylWrap works in minutes, causing the bandage to cure to provide a rock-hard, impact resistant layer over the pipe. This protects the putty, reinforcing the repair and offering a longer-term solution.

The downsides of using Milliput for pipe repair

There are several downsides to using Milliput for pipe repair. The biggest comes with the fact that it does not have WRAS Approval, meaning it is not certified as safe to use on pipes carrying drinking water.

Then there is the cure time. Milliput is also designed for model makers, artists and other creative types who desire a putty which gives them more time to sculpt, carve and shape.

Because of this, it does not become rock hard for 3-4 hours at 20°C to 25°C. Whilst the epoxy putty is curing, water pressure must remain off and so that means systems repaired using Milliput are out of operation for long periods of time.

This is where epoxy putties specifically formulated for pipe repair have an advantage. Take Superfast Steel Epoxy Putty for example. Superfast Steel comes with a 5-10 minute work time, enabling rapid pipe repairs to be made.

Whereas Milliput is a general purpose putty, Superfast Steel is designed especially for the repair and bonding of steel and other ferrous metals. It will therefore provide a higher-quality repair than Milliput. It is also WRAS approved.

The same is true of all putties in the Superfast range – Superfast Copper for copper and other non-ferrous pipes repair and Superfast Plastic for PVC plastic pipe repair.

No epoxy putty will work effectively on a live leak. If water pressure cannot be turned off, then a waterproof repair tape made from self-fusing silicone should instead be used to create a high-pressure seal.

Should I use Milliput for pipe repair?

If you are looking for a cheap, temporary fix for a leaking pipe then Milliput can provide that. The key word in that sentence though is temporary – Milliput will tide you over for a little while, but you will still need to seek a more long-term, permanent solution.

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